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Romania and Moldova- close collaborations for supporting and promoting female entrepreneurship

Digitization, innovation, entrepreneurship education, bilateral relations between the Romanian and the Republic of Moldova regarding business environment and academic cooperation were some of the most important topics...

Over 2 million jobs available in the EU

The SARS-COV2 pandemic had a major impact on the labor market and forced employers to rethink their recruitment and selection processes. Let's see the details!

Constant changes

Anyone who gives his head to a business is aware that he has to face constant challenges, as the market is proving to be saturated in quite a few professions and disciplines.

Yes, You can start a business in difficult times!

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all in many different ways, both regarding our work life and our personal life. We have shared learnings, we have been digitalized...

Social Skills a Key to Business Success

Soft skills, hard skills - what are they and what is worth knowing about them?!

How did our research develop? – We present the results of our research!

This document has been prepared in the framework of the WINGATE project (Project nr. 2018-1-0824), as part of WP3: Needs Assessment.


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