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Article from my perspective: Wingate project, oh, what a ride it has been!

I can't help but feel overjoyed about the recent surge in registrations on our e-platform, especially from Serbia...

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...three lessons learnt by Women/Business/Angels in the WINGATE project...

The closing of the WINGATE-project

The partners from Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and expert partner Norway were
gathered in Oslo the 15 th of December for the closing event with special guests from
Innovasjon Norge, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Hungary.

Reflecting on WINGATE’s Legacy – thoughts of the Leading Partner

As the lead partner of the WINGATE project, we at SKC-Consulting Ltd. are filled with a mix of pride
and nostalgia as we approach the conclusion of a journey that has reshaped the landscape for women
entrepreneurs in innovation.

Wingate leaves behind a united community, focused on continuous education as a pillar for the sustainable development of Romania and Moldova.

To assume risks and act swiftly, but to surround oneself with the right partners and employees, in whom to trust and respect. It will be an exercise rewarded through reciprocity. Invest time and energy in building relationships...

WINGATE project – moving forward

The Wingate project was initiated as the pandemic started, which became an extra challenge, but also a kickstart for online trainings and knowledge sharing between countries and communication with the target audiences. Kvinner in Business has the role of expertise partner, supporting the partners Hungary, Moldova, Romania and Serbia in the project, offering different services including speakers for events.


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