Anyone who gives his head to a business is aware that he has to face constant challenges, as the market is proving to be saturated in quite a few professions and disciplines. Professional development cannot be neglected, which can bring a serious advantage to those who consciously pay attention to it and sacrifice time and energy for it.

In recent times, however, it is not enough to endure the daily trials, the epidemic puts the female entrepreneurs under multiple ordeals:

– As entrepreneurs and employers, they have to deal with the restrictions associated with epidemiological measures and the accompanying economic effects, and at the same time they have to fulfill the tasks assigned to them as women and mothers, including learning with children, dealing with small children and household.

It is very difficult to manage these things with the same enthusiasm and energy from day to day.

Where possible, many are open to the online world – as many research finds.  Some are forced to act this way if they want to keep up with the world and does not want to pull the blinds down immediately.

Flexibility – adaptability – creativity – openness

Essential skills in today’s world in order to keep a business afloat (which often provides the livelihood for families).

Difficulty or challenge?!

It depends… a coin always has two sides. However, we can definitely say , that the development, the desire to study are key factors to be succesfull in the world of work,to take the difficulties as  challenges and use them for our advatages – and stand as a woman, as a mother upheld duffciently in our family.

Selfless support ?!

Perhaps the Wingate project * was launched at the best possible time (both economically and otherwise) to create an e-knowledge base for its target entrepreneurs (and business angel investors) with training courses to support personality development and to develop professional competencies. During the project trainings, courses, events will be available for FREE for interested entrepreneurs.

By subscribing to the Wingate Magazine, this group can be enriched with up-to-date information – also by following our Facebook page and our LinkedIN group, ladies with entrepenural spirit can also find a series of useful information about the enterpenural world.

* The project benefits from a € 1,824,320 grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and  Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation.