Whether you run a small, medium company or you want to open a business in order to be successful, you must consider on the one hand the social skills, the so-called soft skills and, obviously, the skills that require work experience – the hard skills.

Soft skills are social skills based on emotional and social intelligence, while hard skills are those that can be quantified with the educational level of each and the work experience.

Following a WINGATE analysis based on the responses received from 1400 women in Romania, Serbia, Hungary, the Republic of Moldova and Norway, it emerged the importance of soft skills that women must have to open a business: public speaking, negotiation technique, conflict management and last but not least increased emotional intelligence. These features have been found to allow women to adapt more easily in the business environment, to have a positive attitude and to perform. Social skills are skills that have a great involvement in running a business on their own, they are combined with hard skills so as to achieve success in business.

Most of the interviewed ladies say that they value emotional intelligence more than a structured management plan, because soft skills mean integrating in the market and in the segment where you work, motivating and “selling” your business so as to create value. The ability to communicate effectively in business is an essential element to manage a successful business. Managerial communication is a function of management that makes known the result of managerial decisions and establishes a climate of understanding between those who transmit information and those who receive it.

The ability to resolve dysfunctions, the responsibility to allocate resources and the ability to negotiate are key competencies of a successful entrepreneur.

All these skills and abilities can be acquired through education or experience. Project management skills will help you lead your own team effectively to achieve your goals.

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