Article by Lotte Frost, Norway

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all in many different ways, both regarding our work life and our personal life. We have shared learnings, we have been digitalized, we spend more time together with our families, we miss interaction with other people, we have started a sustainability journey etc. The list of what is transformed the last year is long and we are affected in different ways. Regarding business we see that green businesses is evolving and growing, new ideas are evoked while traditional companies that can´t cope with the system change are finding it hard to adjust and change.

How does the crises affect female entrepreneurs?

According to a newly published study from Kilden Kjønnsforskning[1] (gender research) in Norway, female entrepreneurs are struggling more during the crises than men, especially in three areas:

1. Female entrepreneurs dominate the businesses regarding closeness to clients; health, social work, travelling etc.
2. Uneven share of care responsibility regarding home-school and home-kindergarten
3. Women do not take enough advantage of the different schemes and tools offered by the government

The ability to readjust and claim your rights will vary between women, this is general learning of the pandemic crisis so far. The findings are supported in the Nordic innovation study[2], where the impact of the crises is highest in the businesses where there’s a higher share of female entrepreneurs:

Is this a time for establishing a new business?

Yes it is! If You have a good idea, if You have the guts, if the market wants it; it’s always time for establishing Your own business. And sometimes a crisis is a redemptive success factor. Cecilie Hoxmark, a member of the Women In business network in Norway, is one of the women who made a giant decision in the middle of the pandemic. She chose to leave a well-paid, secure job in order to give fully attention to an issue of great importance for her; involuntarily childless. By putting a very vulnerable and taboo topic on the agenda, she’s expiring huge attention and success. She has within a few months published a book, she has a podcast interviewing well known people and these days she’s launching her own YouTube channel.

So all you female entrepreneurs; follow your heart and launch your idea.
And If You need help, talk to us in the Wingate project, we’re here to help. Good luck!