The partners from Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and expert partner Norway were gathered in Oslo the 15 th of December for the closing event with special guests from Innovasjon Norge, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Hungary. Despite differences, partners have established a common WINGATE culture and a strong relationship based on mutual understanding and respect. Learnings through WINGATE also include friendships across borders and culture learning.

The closing meeting in Oslo was inspiring

5000 people have participated in events
During the three- and half-year project period, thousands of female entrepreneurs have received support and empowerment through the project. Even though the launch of. WINGATE was at the beginning of the pandemic, and later the war in Ukraine, the results are
really strong.

Some overall results for the project:

– Survey, 2021
More than 1400 women from the four countries answered the WINGATE survey with questions regarding hard and soft skills.

– Events, 2021-2023:
In total more than 70 events, with approximately 5000 participants.

– Trainings, 2022:
The five countries in the project have developed approximately 110 trainings dived intothree areas: 1) How to start Your Business, 2) How to Grow your Business and 3) Business Angels. All the trainings are available on the E-platform.

– E-platform, 2022-ytd
The e-platform is on the webpage – All users have free access to all the materials, when they register.

Closing time and round the table discussion
Innovasjon Norge and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Norway presented the different funds and schemes outlining future possibilities for projects like WINGATE. The partners found this very useful and inspiring and even though one door is closing, new doors can open. Norway has been an expert partner in the project, supporting the other countries. But in our opinion all partners have been experts, sharing knowledge, cultures and learnings. We have all a common mission; fighting for and strengthening women’s rights and counteract inequality. An era is closing, but the objective, the mission of supporting female entrepreneurs and the partnership lives on.

About the Wingate Project
The Wingate project is a collaboration between partners from Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Moldova and Norway. The goal is to create a green, competitive and inclusive entrepreneurial community in central and eastern Europe with guidance and networking for women who want to establish theirown business or become investors. The project is financially supported via an EEA grant of €1,824,320 from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the "EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation. From Kvinner in Business, Toril Flåskjer, Marit Silseth and Lotte Frost are associated with the project.

For more information about the project, click here.

Partners and Innovasjon Norge all agreed that the project is of great importance.