To assume risks and act swiftly, but to surround oneself with the right partners and employees, in whom to trust and respect. It will be an exercise rewarded through reciprocity. Invest time and energy in building relationships with professionals in the field, attend conferences, and join professional organizations. Engage in constant networking, seek sources of investment for the businesses they lead, but above all, think big, beyond boundaries of time, country, and mentalities! Discover and contribute to building a community as the sole solution for a better society! This is what 2500 businesswomen have learned over a project spanning 3 years, and its echoes will reach several thousand more members of families, employees, friends, and partners.

As part of the Wingate project, hosted by ANAA, more than 40 events were organized in Romania and Moldova, covering a geographically diverse area, both in terms of local entrepreneurial profile and economic development. Large cities with entrepreneurial tradition, strong communities, as well as those in the early stages, gravitated around positive, universal values.

Romania, a Latin country with a profound respect for the input that women have in education, has a distinct characteristic: companies with 100% female ownership have an average profit rate almost double that of those with 100% male ownership. In the entrepreneurial environment of Romania, women hold shares in 47% of active companies with a turnover exceeding 10,000 lei, almost at parity with men. Moreover, one in four companies is 100% owned by women. Although they represent almost half of the active companies in Romania, the total turnover of female-owned companies was 82 billion euros in 2021, accounting for only 21% of the total reported revenues. What Wingate implemented in the consciousness of participating women was the COURAGE to expand their field of interest, the scope of their activities, and the knowledge of specific tools for business scaling.

These events had two important components to offer the target group: valuable information through the training provided by invited trainers, contributing to the development and growth of businesses, and an excellent networking platform where businesswomen from various fields could interact directly to establish potential business collaborations. Session themes included Business Digitalization, Taxation, Communication in Business, the Importance of Networking in Business Growth, and GDPR Regulation in Business. But above all, what the Romanian entrepreneurial environment has learned is courage, inspiration, and the value of continuous education.

Wingate was perceived locally as a universal, significant project, synchronized with the needs of the current times, a business catalyst created to endure! Wingate demonstrated its strength to coagulate, to lay the foundations of a gender community, well anchored in business reality, with vision, elegance and a lot of motivation for success.

Through the WINGATE project, we promote women who want to become entrepreneurs, who want to to explore and develop their skills and abilities in order to help them reach their objectives

Join the WINGATE community by accessing free trainings, do networking and learn from other success stories and get inspired

Wingate’s main objective is to increase the number of women-led enterprises and aims to support women entrepreneurs to achieve equal opportunities and competitiveness in entrepreneurship, especially in innovative fields. The project creates the framework of an international partnership in the Central and Eastern European region between Norway, Hungary, Romania, Republic of Moldova and Serbia, ANAA representing Romania and Moldova, as a vehicle for implementation, dissemination and growth.

The Wingate project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA- Norway Grant Fund for Regional Cooperation.