As the lead partner of the WINGATE project, we at SKC-Consulting Ltd. are filled with a mix of pride
and nostalgia as we approach the conclusion of a journey that has reshaped the landscape for women
entrepreneurs in innovation. Supported by a substantial grant from the EEA and Norwegian Grants
Fund for Regional Cooperation, we embarked on a mission in 2020 that would take us through the
challenges and triumphs of empowering women-led enterprises across Hungary, Moldova, Norway,
Serbia, and Romania.

Our collective goal was crystal clear: to ratchet up the number of successful women enterprises,
especially in the fast-evolving innovation sectors, and to level the playing field when it came to their
competitiveness and opportunities. The digital transformation of the global economy was not just a
backdrop but a springboard for our endeavor. We saw a unique chance for the Central-Eastern
European region to bridge the gap and introduce a new, invigorating approach to female
entrepreneurship and investment.

The cross-country collaboration at the heart of WINGATE has been nothing short of inspirational. Each
partner brought their A-game, sharing knowledge and best practices to forge a methodology that has
ignited a new wave of female entrepreneurs and shrewd angel investors. It's been an exhilarating ride,
offering both online and offline training, fostering community spirit, and delivering digital solutions that
have truly revolutionized the go-to-market strategy for our beneficiaries.

During the project’s lifespan, we hit the ground running with 60 training sessions that spanned across
our five partner countries. These events were tailored to spark innovation and fuel the entrepreneurial
fire within our participants, whether they were joining us in person or logging in from afar. Each session
was a stepping stone towards building a more inclusive, financially accessible, and competitive
environment for women-led businesses.

As we reflect on WINGATE’s impact, it’s remarkable to see the transformation in the innovation sector.
Women's engagement in cutting-edge industries has soared, and their businesses have climbed the
competitive ladder. Beyond the numbers and the success stories, it's the shift in mindset that stands as
the true hallmark of our project. Decision-makers are now more attuned to the needs of women
entrepreneurs, and stakeholders are actively participating in the development of women-led

The sustainability of our efforts is encapsulated in the WINGATE digital platform—a regional knowledge
E-Platfrom’s redefined how local, often isolated companies engage towards internationalization.
This platform is designed to endure, attracting new users and investors long after the project's

Though the WINGATE project in its current form has reached its end, the journey is far from over. We,
the partners, are unanimous in our decision to continue the momentum we've built. The e-platform,
which stands as a testament to our collaborative efforts, will see ongoing development and
enhancement. We remain on the lookout for fresh opportunities to expand our reach, improve our
services, and create new pathways for success for women entrepreneurs. The spirit of WINGATE will
live on, as we carry the torch of innovation, empowerment, and community into the future. Together, we
move forward with the shared conviction that our work is vital and must continue to evolve, just like the
dynamic and ever-changing world of entrepreneurship we serve.

Here’s to the future — a future where the accomplishments of WINGATE are just the starting point for a
world of opportunities for women entrepreneurs and innovators everywhere.