The Wingate project is now in its third year and the launch of the e-learning platform is launched shortly. It contains of a number of courses in topics such as; business model, financing, networking, communication, marketing, sustainability and much much more. In addition, there is an opportunity to test your own competence in various quizzes and You get suggestions for extra learning and reading. In many ways, it is a digital entrepreneurial school for those who want to establish a new business or want to grow an existing business. There is also a separate course series for angel investors, who potentially want to contribute capital to start-up companies. A lot of work has gone into the platform and the courses, and we hope and believe that many people will appreciate the opportunity to access a wide range of learning material.

This platform will be free for all users. And that is precisely one of the main principles of the project – to create better and more equal conditions for all women who want to establish their own business. The framework conditions for female entrepreneurs in the participating countries are very different and with the e-learning platform we hope to access to learning and thus equalize differences.

The project shall reach as many women as possible. In addition to the platform, 32 events have so far been arranged and carried out with several hundred participants in Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Moldova. Pandemic and war notwithstanding, the women are more motivated than ever. One of the larger events was in Chișinău in Moldova on 30 August. At this event, more than 100 women gathered to listen to each other’s stories, share expertise and inspire each other. The Wingate project helps to make this possible, and the many passionate people who participate in the project have a common goal of contributing to more female entrepreneurs.

Norway and KIB participate in events in the other four countries. In November there is a big event in Belgrade and in December it is in Bucharest. We participate both as ambassadors, but also as speakers and debate and panel participants. We experience a tremendous amount of commitment in all the countries and we are inspired by all the great female entrepreneurs we meet. For the future, we hope to see even more businesses and female entrepreneurs, we wish each other the best of luck!


About the Wingate Project

The Wingate project is a collaboration between partners from Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Moldova and Norway. The goal is to create a green, competitive and inclusive entrepreneurial community in central and eastern Europe with guidance and networking for women who want to establish their own business or become investors. The project is financially supported via an EEA grant of €1,824,320 from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the “EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation”. From Kvinner in Business, Toril Flåskjer, Marit Silseth and Lotte Frost are associated with the project. – For more information about the project, click here.