Although businesses are generally forced to reduce their costs in times of crisis, reducing marketing costs can certainly be a bad solution. Why is it worth continuing marketing activities even during a recession, what steps can help us recover? Keep reading and find out!

In these periods, the advertising noise decreases as a whole, so even businesses that have less chance in a normal period due to the limitation of their spending and the finiteness of their capacity can also reach great results.

Here, we show you 5+1 tips and tricks to improve your business:

1. Adress your existing customers!
The magic of marketing is proper customer targeting. Using our available communication palette, we can formulate a wide variety of messages for our existing clientele, all with an outstanding conversion rate (actual reach rate) at a particularly favorable price. The cost of contacting an existing customer again is a fraction of the cost of reaching a new customer!

2. Necessary innovation
Rethink your offers, aim to satisfy basic needs!

3. Influence your audience emotions!
Many case studies prove that campaigns that affect emotions are more successful among buyers and clients than campaigns that only try to encourage us to buy.

4. Empower yourself online!
The need for online development has been convincingly demonstrated in the last two years. Whether it is selling products or services, a quality web appearance must become our most decisive marketing tool.

5. Well thought out marketing budget!
Marketing decisions should not be based on intuition and opinions!

+1 Defining the most important indicators!
The performance indicators make our marketing performance more aware, thus we can ensure the continuous monitoring of the conditions for growth. With their help, we can optimize our customer acquisition tools, reduce our expenses, and improve our rate of return.