Studies show that men are more interested than women in investing in a business. At the same time, men are more confident in their own strengths and knowledge. However, women have more reasons to become entrepreneurs, and the investments made by women are better than those made by men, according to the same studies. It is a reality that a woman wants to put her family first, before her career. Even more so, as we have gone through a pandemic period, where working from home and the need to care for children has led many women to leave their jobs to take care of their children or to adapt to new forms of work, with the risk that then when they want to go back to their old job, it is no longer valid or it is not well paid enough.

As a result, owning a business is a great way for women to organize their own schedule, so that they have the time they need for their family and have income at the same time.

Cristina Chiriac, president of the National Association of Entrepreneurs (ANAA) said: “The business world has been dominated by men for a long time, but the situation is already changing, as countries adopt a progressive social attitude, so female entrepreneurship has every chance to experience a dizzying growth rate in the coming period. Women understood that their role, in addition to that of mother and wife, is to create added value in the economy. We have examples of women who have changed the world, and the emphasis at the community level is on equal opportunities and gender equality so that the role of the modern woman is to position herself on the same hierarchical scale as men, regardless of the fields of activity”.

In March, the series of networking events organized by ANAA within the WINGATE project – began, and up to now 14 events have been held in Romania and 5 in the Republic of Moldova, attended by over 700 women. The events represented networking meetings in which both businesswomen and women who do not yet own a business had the opportunity to learn about the Wingate project, the opportunity to grow in an international community and develop their entrepreneurial skills through courses that will be available for free on the Wingate platform. As guest speakers at the events, successful businesswomen shared from their experience what the challenges are and how quality networking can contribute to both personal and business development. Those present at the meetings supported the importance of business communities dedicated to women, such as Wingate.

Cristina Chiriac, opened each event, pointing out the importance of a solid professional path, based on tenacity and self-confidence.

“This project is a correct, viable construction that brings major benefits to women entrepreneurs, if they know how to identify their goals. I believe that the most profitable investment is in people, and I don’t just mean employees. Surround yourself with honest partners, honest friends and learn to support your families. If you have set a goal, whatever it is, and achieved it, you are a successful woman. In Eastern Europe, 32% of management positions are held by women, but most of these companies have less than 5 employees. It’s time to dare, say to yourself 1,000 times in the mirror – “I can”, until you take the place you want and deserve. The European trend is that of business expansion and the creation of beneficial partnerships for each company. As a result, we set out to create opportunities! What we found that the business environment in Romania lacks are opportunities, and we, through the WINGATE project, create collaboration bridges between companies and coagulate the international business environment”, said Cristina Chiriac

Wingate demonstrated its strength to coagulate, to lay the foundations of a gender community, well anchored in business reality, with vision, elegance and a lot of motivation for success.

The main objective of the project is the creation and development of an online platform and an innovative learning center where specialized courses will be developed on business ideas, management and business plan, the establishment of a start-up and notions of negotiation, business strategy, communication and PR. The platform provides opportunities for participants to improve their presence in the local and international market.

The courses conducted by experts in key fields for a highly competitive entrepreneurship, which are in the process of being implemented on the online platform of the Wingate project, come as an essential tool for training and motivating the new generation of female entrepreneurs. Another focus of the program aims to address the needs of companies with the ability to expand internationally, even beyond the countries participating in the project.

Until the end of the project, ANAA will organize 20 more such events that will bring together entrepreneurs from Romania and the Republic of Moldova.