The main objective of the WINGATE project is to increase the number of successful women enterprises (especially in the innovation sector) and to support their competitiveness.

Project Grant Amount:

EEA and Norwegian Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation: EUR 1,824,320
Countries covered by the project: Hungary, Moldova, Norway, Serbia, Romania.
The duration of the project: 01/07/2020-30/06/2023.

Project partners:

Project goals

Due to the digital reforms, the challenges posed in the global economy provide an opportunity for the Central European region to reduce its business disadvantage through a new, innovative programme specifically targeted at the development of women enterprises. In male-female entrepreneurship, long-known stereotypes serve as the basis for collaborations. However, not only these factors make the path of women owned enterprises bumpy, but access to resources is also more difficult for this gender. Another industry problem is the low number of entrepreneurial investors (whether venture capitalists or angel investors) who are willing to invest in a business opportunity expecting to boom.

The aim of the WINGATE project is to support women entrepreneurs through trainings, events and a sensitisation process, which tools are also provided the same way to potential investors.

To this end, an international consortium has been set up, in which Hungarian, Serbian, Romanian and Norwegian partners share their experience and knowledge to implement an unparalleled online platform that can help women enterprises in the region to succeed, regardless of their size.

On the WINGATE platform, both novice and advanced (even those considering entering the international market) female entrepreneurs can gain useful knowledge through the available curricula and trainings, not to mention the cooperation opportunities provided by the interface. A further aim of the project is to provide space for businesses to attract external resources.

On the platform, it is possible to connect and cooperate with investors, more precisely with angel investors.

Project stages:

  • needs assessment until 15/02/2021
  • platform-, curriculum development
  • conducting trainings and events

Our goal is to support women entrepreneurs, employees and angel investors as effectively as possible with the results of the project.

Their preferences are the guiding principles, they serve as the basis for the further phases of the project.


Thanks to the WINGATE project….

…the presence of women in the innovation sector may increase internationally,

…the competitiveness of women-led businesses may increase,

…women enterprises can gain support in accessing finance,

…the sensitisation of relevant decision makers towards women enterprises may be achieved,

…we may achieve the involvement of active investors in the development of women owned enterprises,

…a regional network development can take place,

…we can gain international recognition,

…a significant increase in the number of ‘angel investors’ in the sector is possible.