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Press release – The WINGATE project helps Hungarian entrepreneurs with a free e-learning program

Wingate project has launched their educational platform in November, which helps beginning and advanced entrepreneurs, as well as angel investors, with free thematic learning materials.

WINGATE-project an excellent growth engine of business women communities!

Studies show that men are more interested than women in investing in a business. At the same time, men are more confident in their own strengths and knowledge.

New e-learning platform will be launched shortly

The Wingate project is now in its third year and the launch of the e-learning platform is launched shortly. It contains of a number of courses in topics such as; business model, financing, networking, communication, marketing, sustainability and much much more.

Uncertanity in the word?! Increase your marketing activity!

Although businesses are generally forced to reduce their costs in times of crisis, reducing marketing costs can certainly be a bad solution. Why is it worth continuing marketing activities even during a recession, what steps can help us recover? Keep reading and find out!

CEE, Innovation and More Women Involved in New Companies

What does a region – Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) - have to do with innovation capacity building or more women involved in new companies? Read on and find out!

Funding Your business

In Norway and the Nordics, we’re proud of the possibilities and services we offer female entrepreneurs and start-ups. And compared to other countries, there are a lot of governmental support schemes one can apply to in order to get both funding and support...


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