Article by Marit Silseth

In connection with KiB’s representation in the Wingate project, two representatives from the board Charlotte Borge-Andersen and chairman Toril Flåskjer and the project manager for Wingate Norway, Marit Silseth, attended the Belgrade Venture Forum in Belgrade, Serbia. In addition, KiB brought three guests, Cecilie Hoxmark from KiB and Rita Anson and Angela Holter from Women Investment Network (WIN), Norway.

The purpose of the participation was to build international networks, in addition to obtaining knowledge about what investors look for when they invest in companies. Exciting investment objects from participants all over the world were also presented. I have appointed professional and large investors who have shown interest in several of the presented projects.

During the conference, KiB was to take part in a panel debate on investments, and with a particular focus on the low proportion of investments allocated to companies run by women. In Norway, only 0.1% of all investments are allocated to female business owners. The representatives from WIN Network are both experts in this field, and Angela appeared on the panel at short notice. She made a very solid effort in the debate, thank you very much, Angela!

In addition to participation in the conference, the Wingate project had brought together all those involved for an update and planning meeting for the project. The project will soon enter its last six months and will end in June 2023 after a project period of three years.

As part of the visit, KiB also hosted a reception at the castle for Crown Prince Aleksandar and his wife Katarina, who are concerned with economic development in Serbia and receive the participants from this congress every year. Serbia is a republic, but Crown Prince Aleksandar was heir to the crown of Yugoslavia, and it was said that most citizens of Serbia want a monarchy. So that’s why the republic has a crown prince-in-waiting.

This was a successful participation with Norwegian representatives who made a very good impression during the conference.

Belgrade 1: KiB’s delegation in Belgrade. From left Rita Anson and Angela Holter from Win. Charlotte Borge-Andersen, Cecilie Hoxmark, Toril Flåskjer and Marit H. Silseth from KiB.

Belgrade 2: Great to have the opportunity to visit Serbia’s crown prince couple at the castle.

Pictures are credited to KiB.