The very first training series tailored to the needs of Central and Eastern Europe, ranging from the ecosystem to business angel investment or mentoring, starts on the 1st of March.

Have you ever felt like a start-up business that a decade of business experience would be helpful? As a leader in a large company, are you thinking about becoming an angel investor?
You are in the right place!

The Women / Business / Angels Association aims to connect stakeholders from business, governments, and NGOs in the region and organise training and club events to increase the number of business angel investors and innovative companies in CEE.

From the 1st of March, 2022, Women / Business / Angels will start its series of seven training courses with the partners of the WINGATE project members from five countries and HUBHUB Hungary. The event is open to female and male senior executives interested in the existing innovation ecosystem or start-ups looking for an investor or a mentor with global experience.

Through this seven-occasion initiative, Women / Business / Angels aim to share knowledge, ensure a place to ask questions, and help networking.

The training course leader is Imre Hild, managing director of Global Traction and the head of training of the Women / Business / Angels Association. Péter Csillag, the newly elected president of HUNBAN, will also perform on the first occasion on the 1st of March.


>> Participation at the events is free of charge, but registration is required.

The language used will be English, without translation.

Registration: How to Take off as a Business Angel – The Innovation Ecosystem.

Place: HubHub Agora, Árbóc utca 1-3, Budapest 1133

Zoom link to join online:

The seven breakthrough lessons are free for participants thanks to the WINGATE project which is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation. Women / Business / Angels is a beneficiary member of this consortium.

Schedule and Topics for 2022

1st of March – The Innovation Ecosystem
What does innovation mean in practice? What kind of environment and structure improves innovation? Who are the key players? How is it evolving? How is the global market, and where does the CEE stand in this competition?

31st of March – The Start-up Environment
What is a start-up? How does the start-up lifecycle look? What makes a company valuable?

3rd of May – The Business Angel Investor
Who are the business angel investors, and what do they do? Why does it make sense to become an angel investor? Risk management and portfolio building.

 7th of June – The investment
What does an angel investment mean? What is the due diligence process? How do they work in a syndicate of angel investors? How do we handle exits?

4th of October – Me as an investor

Why, and how to become an investor? What is your role in the value creation and growth of a start-up? Where and how to find other business angel investors?

8th of November – Me as a Mentor
Why, and how to become a mentor? What is your role in the value creation and growth of a start-up? Where and how to find other business mentors?

13th of December – How to Keep Mentoring?
How to build a portfolio of mentoring and angel investments?


“We bring together multiple countries and organisations to increase the region’s capacity for innovation through the training courses that are just starting. We aim to improve the Central and Eastern European region in the global innovation competition by increasing the number of female and male business angel investors.” – said Eszter Szabó, President of the Women / Business / Angels Association.



The Women / Business / Angels Association
Women / Business / Angels Association aims to have more businesswomen, more innovation, more co-education to increase the innovation capacity of our region. With its partners, especially HUNBAN and other angel investor organisations, the Association is building a European best practice (Candace Johnson, President of EBAN 2017) to grow the presence of women in innovation decision-making. It involves and prepares women to become angel investors through its training courses and club events, and it does this in a region where the market economy dates back only 32 years.

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Women/Business/Angels is a beneficiary partner in the WINGATE project, funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation. This consortium work across Norway, Serbia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova supporting and training women entrepreneurs and women business angels. The consortium members are Kvinner in Business in Norway, SEVEN in Serbia, SKC-Consulting Kft. and the Women / Business / Angels Association in Hungary and ANAA in Romania and Moldova. The aim is to increase women’s participation in starting a business and investing in angels.


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