Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most successful of them all? A simple question and two answers: Siri and Alexa. What they have in common? They know everything and do nothing like a traditional woman. 2022 lights up a completely new environment, based on a complex human communication, strong IT knowledge and continuous education.

To be a successful Romanian business woman today requires a huge ability to reinvent yourself, to come out of your shell and discover the new digital world.

The last years, label the business woman mostly on fine arts on Etsy and cosmetic Kardashian influencers, with a modest 37% percentage in owning a local company.

What can we see today? Romanian women that build personal brands in all industries, education, social entrepreneurship, IT and the list doesn’t have a gender profile.

Their success comes from the courage to reinvent all the business environment, shifting from old society mother role to an emphatic leader who knows that family is a part of her gift in this world. A successful business woman is the one who is able to make from her life choice, the path for her family and close friends. The one who knows that a strong network, an aspirational mentor and a continuous education, can reinvent the world.

Business woman education/ skillset needs

Our children spent half of their life in a digital world and our grandchildren will work on their avatars from their early age. As we love them and want to be part of their life, we should embrace technology with enthusiasm. The business values are the same since the beginning and the human evolution shaped them throughout the society needs. If we believe that our knowledge and experience should be the foundation for the future, we should educate ourselves in the spirit of the new technologies.

IT Technology is above all, a tool that should be, if not mastered, recognized as a complex communication channel to a huge potential market. Today, a business without a strong community is a dinosaur. The networking skills doesn’t place the modern business women in the center of the universe. The new leadership requires to be yourself part of the network. Carrying, giving and in the end, receiving, means to create a solid community with the same goal, the profit for everyone.

Business woman connections to gain via events

If we want to be heard, we should not yell to the deaf. Google ads will put your nice logo everywhere until nobody will care about it. Clicking, liking, hugging and smiling at others life will not pass your values in community. We are humans and above this, women. We grow with eye-to-eye connections, real smiles, and stories that we want to discuss for hours. Our profit is measured in success not only in money.

A business woman needs roots in the community, to share the past and build the future. We are delicate mechanisms shaped in flash and light and we need to shine brighter than our computer screen. The new business world freed up a big space for us, and is our duty to be part of the network, to make it work on the way that we desire.

Successful business woman examples

The key to success is often the ability to change, as Einstein said, and we dare every Romanian business woman to put the seeds of their knowledge and values in all the fields that life puts close enough to touch it.

In Romania, we have a beloved example of a new value, Simona Halep. A successful young business woman, that translated every drop of sweat on the way to Mondial tennis champ, in clean money, rock-solid family business, and her story has just begun.

It’s not all about our business success, which is nice and fulfilling, it’s about a better world for the same stardust we are coming from. Success is mirrored in the eyes of your community, your closed ones and the beautiful moments of this life. Dare to be an educated, connected and meaningful better version of yourself, in business and in life!