Come to the “WINNOVATION GATE” conference, an event dedicated to supporting female entrepreneurship and the importance of women’s involvement in the development of the economy.
🌟Here you will find inspiration, exchange of experience and growth opportunities for your business. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of a community dedicated to female entrepreneurship.
🗓️ Date: Monday, October 23🕚 Time: 11:00🏢 Location: Palace of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Municipality of Bucharest – Reception Hall, floor 3
“WINNOVATION GATE”:🎤 Captivating debates with experts in the field of entrepreneurship🤝 Networking opportunities with professionals from various industries🚀 Inspiration to grow your own business💡 Exchange of ideas and strategies for growing your business
Let’s grow European female entrepreneurship together and make a significant difference in our community!
The event is part of the “WINGATE” project, a 3-year initiative whose main objective is to support women entrepreneurs and business angels in their growth and development. Our project partners, including SKC-Consulting (Hungary), Serbian Venture Network (Serbia), Women Business Angels (Hungary), Kvinner i Business (Norway) and the National Association of Entrepreneurs from Romania, also cover the Republic of Moldova, contribute to the realization this objective.
Join us on this journey to female entrepreneurship success! Say “YES” to change now!
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Date: 2023-10-23