On the 3rd of October, we invite you to the next event of this breakthrough series, organised by the Women Business Angels Association in partnership with Lumus Investments, titled “Me as an Investor”.

We have deep-dived into several interesting topics, such as the innovation ecosystem, startups, angel investment, and angel investors. Every session has an educational part, but we also invite expert guests to give real-life examples of the topic we discuss. You’d like to have a taste of our latest session? Please find the summary here, or read the interview with our guest here.

Topic and Trainer

Now we’ll start exploring the details of being an investor with Imre Hild, MD of Global Traction and Training Lead of WBA.

Expert Guest

Our expert guest will be Jared Schrieber, as he introduces himself on LinkedIn: “Father of 3 teens, 1 unicorn (so far), a robot and a book (coming soon). Co-founder & CEO of InfoScout (now Numerator). Founder & Chairman of Revolution Robotics Foundation. Board Director, Start-up Investor & Advisor.”

Since stepping back as CEO of InfoScout, he has been taking time to rethink how brands grow. Inspired by Jim Collins’ management classic “Good to Great”, he also embarked on a multi-year study of over 25,000 brands to identify the stand-out winners and their direct competitor losers to uncover the secrets of brand growth. 

The training is free of charge but requires registration. All the sessions will be held in English.

Thanks to

The training series is organised within the framework of the Wingate Project, funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation. This consortium work across Norway, Serbia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova, supporting and training women entrepreneurs and women business angels.

Event Details

We’ll get to know the angel investor “character” throughout our session. Who they are, where they come from, and what their background is. We will review the major international players.

The angels live among us; let’s see the human side of the business angel investor community. Who are the outstanding Hungarian angels? What do we know about them and their startups?

During the event, we will meet Jared Schrieber, an American angel investor living in Hungary, founder and entrepreneur of many successful startups.

In the discussion, we will cover exciting questions such as:

  •      Why is he in Hungary? What is his mission with his investments here?
  •      What does he think about the Hungarian VCs?
  •      How does he invest after a single meeting (or even during a meeting!)
  •      What is he looking for in a deal? What is the most crucial element without which he won’t close a deal?

Platform: zoom
The link will be sent to registrants before the event.

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest / online

Date: 2022-10-03