The National Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs – CONAF, the most powerful confederation in Romania, whose main goal is to support and promote entrepreneurship and which brings together the interests of women entrepreneurs in a cohesive structure, is pleased to announce that on March 6, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. the fifth WOMEN IN THE ECONOMY – AROUND THE DAY HEROES Gala will be held in the Romanian Athenaeum.

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The Wingate project is partnering in to the event, contributing to the expenses to a certain level, in exchange for the contribution the project will engage the following.
The project is going to be presented by the moderator of the event, they will talk about the project and the platform, and will make a call to action, also Nora Mehsen (representing the EEA Grants) will be on stage to give a speech about the Norvegian fund and the opportunities they present. After giving her speech, Nora will present a trophy to a business woman from Romania.
Also, during the event, the project will be presented on all the video boards constantly.
Furthermore, the networking part is being promoted by the project.

Country: Romania

City: Bucarest

Date: 2023-03-06