The National Association of Entrepreneurs continues the series of events within the WINGATE project that runs for a period of 3 years and aims to help women entrepreneurs and business angels in their growth and development.

The overall objective of the WINGATE project is to increase the number of women-led enterprises, especially in the areas of innovation, contributing to competitiveness and equal opportunities.

With the ongoing changes taking place in the world economy due to the revolutionary digital transformation, the Central and Eastern European region should close the gap with a new approach to developing a new flow of innovative enterprises founded together by women and male investors.
For this reason, the collaboration between partners from Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Moldova and Norway bring skills in different directions and the best practices in cooperation. Together we can develop a new methodology, train and motivate a new generation of women entrepreneurs and smart angel investors. To achieve all the above objectives, online and offline training, digital go-to-market solutions will be provided to the beneficiaries.
Extended communication will be an enhanced part of the program. Another focus of the program will address the needs of companies with the ability to expand above and beyond the participating countries, thus enhancing their global competitiveness by:
• Promotion of female entrepreneurship and trade;
• Promotion of financial inclusion
• Increasing women’s participation in innovation

The project partners are: SKC-Consulting (Hungary) main partner, Serbian Venture Network (Serbia), Women Business Angels (Hungary), Kvinner i Business (Norway) and the National Association of Entrepreneurs from Romania, which also covers the Republic of Moldova.
The “Wingate” project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA-Norway Grant Fund for Regional Cooperation.

Country: Romania

City: Ploiești

Date: 2023-05-03