Technology advances at a dizzying pace. We hear about new technologies, IoT, RPA, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence. But we don’t have time to study and analyze how they work and what they can do for our business.
Ana-Maria Stancu, CEO of the company Bucharest Robots and founder of RoboHub, will make an introduction to this world of new technologies and the benefits they can bring to a business in any sector in the Digital Skills Course – Path to Innovation.
Cristina Chiriac, President of ANAA and founder of Flori de Ie and Nicoleta Munteanu- Vicepresident of ANAA and founder of Kids in Business will talk about importance of business communities for business development and also about mentoring.
The course will be facilitated within the WINGATE-project financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grant Fund for Regional Cooperation.
Access to the course is free, based on registration at

Country: Romania

City: Bucharest

Date: 2022-09-15