The realization of our talent is our joy. WINGATE is the overture to make good use of our wings, and get through the gate of victory together.

The overall objective of the WINGATE project is to increase the number of successful women enterprises especially on the innovation fields, contributing to competitiveness and equal opportunities. With the ongoing changes taking place in the global economy because of the revolutionary digital transformation, Central-Eastern European region should close the gap. The main objective of the WINGATE project is to develop such an innovative on-line knowledge center, and providing opportunity for networking through thematic events for women owned enterprises (M/SME), with which they can improve their market presence both locally, and also internationally.

For this reason we would like to establish a cross-country collaboration among partners coming from Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Norway as different partners bring in different competencies and best practices into the cooperation covering Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Moldova and Norway regions.

In order to achieve all the above targets on-line and off-line training, community building, go-to-market digital solutions will be provided for the beneficiaries. Extensive communication will be enhanced as part of the program. Together we will develop a new methodology, train and motivate a new generation of female entrepreneurs as well as smart angel investors.

Expected changes: improvement of engagement and participation of women in the innovative sectors and in Industry 4.0 on international level, raising competitiveness of women owned SME-s, development of a complete skill set needed, easing access to finance of women enterprises increase the sensibility of relevant decision makers towards the female owned enterprises, active involvement of stakeholders in women enterprise development network, awareness, international visibility, growth of the number of angel investors

About the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation

The Fund for Regional Cooperation supports projects tackling common European challenges through regional cross-border and transnational cooperation.

Many of the economic, social and environmental challenges faced by Europe today are not confined by national borders – their effects are felt and shared across countries. The EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation recognises regional cross-border and transnational cooperation as a key driver to find shared solutions to these issues.

Call for proposals: Common Challenges – Shared Solutions Call. no. 2018-1b (Call ID)
Project index number: 2018-1-0824


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