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From 15th of February the survey is closed. Thank You for your contribution and in helping us collecting around 1.500 answers.

The WINGATE team is now investigating and analyzing the data and look forward to present the results to You by the end of February.

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There is no “magic tablet” that can easily launch you from the closure of a booth and into the free world of entrepreneurship.

The truth is that the great success of business grows only from a tiny seed.

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If you are

  • an entrepreneur, interested in starting a business. You will find professional training materials in specific business related topics and you will be invited to participate in events to meet potential business angels and investors.
  • a business angel/investor or representative of a venture capital fund who is looking for potential innovative startups or interesting ideas. We’ll introduce many potential partners at our online platform and events to You.
  • leading M/SME and You are committed to improve Your skill set or planning to meet potential investors for Your company, please sign up and learn from our experts and participate in our business events.

Aim of the questionnaire

Our goal is to build a community that brings new business ideas on your way every day, where You may go against women’s business problems, from discrimination and pay gaps to corporate jobs.

This will be a place where You will find information on entrepreneurship, potential partners for Your company or find motivation to start Your own business.

Being able to specify the skills and knowledge most relevant to You, it will be the starting point to proceed towards our goal, i.e. „Increased innovation, competitiveness and business development for enterprises”. The survey will also contain relevant information about the business culture of the beneficiary states, which knowledge will be used as a tool to enhance our further steps, too.
Based on this information we shall develop our tailor made Training programme for You.

Thank you for answering the questions. They are meant to assess the needs of learning and training support for women entrepreneurs.

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